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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wilson Nails - a seasonal anecdote

The founder of an international nail company wants a new ad campaign, so he hires an ad agency to come up with a good tv commercial for his Wilson Nails. Tens of thousands of dollars later, the ad agency has a meeting with the director to premiere their commercial.

The ad begins with a flying shot that zooms over a mountain (to stirring music, of course!) and begins closing in on three figures on the hillside. It zooms closer and closer and the viewers can now tell two of the men are dressed as guards and are nailing the third to a cross. The camera continues to zoom in - right up to the Wilson symbol on the head of the nail protruding from the crucified man's hand. "Wilson nails - for the toughest jobs." says the announcer.

Well, the head of Wilson Nails is livid. He cannot believe the ad agency was so flippant with the religious angle. He demands that they reshoot the commercial for free - and they better come up with something good this time or they're fired.

After another few weeks, the ad agency has just completed reshooting the commercial and the head of Wilson wants it aired right away - he has no time to preview it this time, trusting them to have fixed the problem.

He is at home that night when the commercial airs. As before, the camera flies over the mountain and begins closing in on two figures this time. It gets closer and closer, until the viewers see the two guards standing beside a lone cross. In the distance, a man with a sheet around his waist can be seen running down the mountain. One guard turns to the other and says, "See, I told you we should have used Wilson Nails."

The only Saddam cartoon that made me laugh

Courtesy of the Unapologetic Mexican, a new favorite whose sharp wit and artistic creativity will be joining my revamped blogroll as soon as I get time to revamp it. Gracias.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's yours if you want it.

Happy holidays.

NO Boundaries

Very cool video. Expect good things in the future from the person who created this.

Bush fucks up bigtime

Bush: Execution will not halt violence

Accidentally tells the truth for the first time in the history of his administration.

Friday, December 29, 2006

HA! Blogger can kiss my ass.

They can stick their goddamn toolbar where the sun don't shine. Assholes.

Like my new logo? Did it myself, with the help of this.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fuckity Fucking Fuck Fuck.

Fucking ASSHOLE Blogger and their goddamn upgrades. Not only did switching from the old template to the new layouts wipe out every bit of customization I did (like my blogroll, bio, and picture) but now it fucking refuses to allow me to add the links in my blogroll back by copy-and-pasting them. It insists I use their dumbass interface to add them one at a time, manually.

Fuck that. It's a goddamn unordered list, about as basic HTML as you can get. What the fuck is Blogger's problem? If I try to add the list as a block of HTML using their stupid layout designer, it just says "Saving . . ." forever, but never actually saves.

It's a damn good thing Blogger doesn't charge anything, or I'd sure as hell be cancelling my service over this bullshit. Whoever dreamed up this idiotic idea needs to lose their job.

Fucking Blogger

Their "upgrade" fucked up my template to where their stupid toolbar covers the header. Assholes. And if I upgrade the template, I lose all my customizations. Fuck.

Can't remember where it was I left a comment earlier this week about "no such thing as a quick, easy, painless upgrade."

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa Claus - Steady Mobbin'

One of the funnier Christmas videos this year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The best meal I've ever had in my life.

So I asked Julie where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner this year. She said "I want to give Pangea a hundred bucks and tell them to make us dinner."

Pangea is our new favorite KC restaurant - Charles Ferruzza at the Pitch reviewed them, we went to check them out, and were immediately hooked. It's basically California cuisine at KC prices. If you're in the vicinity, you should definitely check them out.

Anyway, they asked Julie what she wanted, and she told them "surprise me - I trust you." She said she's always wanted to do that - give a good chef some money and say "make me dinner" so this was her chance to make her dream come true.

Here's the menu they came up with for us:

It was absolutely exquisite - easily the best meal I've ever had, and worth every penny of the hundred bucks we spent on it. Particularly since wine was included.

The amuse bouche and the first course were served with a Spanish wine called Vin Del Sol. It was quite dry, almost like a Chenin Blanc. The second and third courses were served with a slightly sweeter white wine - can't recall the name, nor that of the red served with the fourth course and dessert. They were all good, though, and perfectly complemented the foods with which they were served. (can you tell I'm still feeling the effects of having so much wine with my dinner?)

Pangea does a monthly beer-pairing dinner the first Monday of each month. (they're taking a vacation in January, so the next one's February 5th) Thirty bucks gets you four courses, each with a small glass of beer. Previous courses have included langostino tacos, wiener-schnitzel, and rack of lamb. The quality of the food is unparallelled, and the presentations have to be seen to be believed. It's the kind of meal for which Alice Waters would charge you over a hundred dollars per person at Chez Panisse. Don't miss it.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Now I've seen everything.

The alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.complete_cd newsgroup has a Billy Idol Christmas album posted.

C'mon, it's a . . . nice day for a . . . White Christmas.

Bill O'Reilly will not be pleased.