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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gotta give 'em credit for balls if nothing else

Screenshot from Yahoo.Com in the wake of Obama's speech:

Note the references to "fact-checking" and the obvious intent of holding the President's feet to the fire. Now ask yourself this:

Do you remember a single one of the worthless pieces of shit in the mainstream media doing anything even remotely like this to George W. Bush the entire eight years he was in office? Because, you know, I really can't. The useless wads o' fuck sucked his motherfucking dick the entire time and not a single one of them ever dreamed of standing up to the prick let alone "fact-checking" a word he said. And the sumbitch lied his fucking ass off the whole goddamn time, too!

So I have a message for the media figures who suddenly rediscovered their manhood and think being tough on Obama will make up for blowing Bush for eight years - dream on. Remember that old joke about "but suck just ONE cock . . ."? That's you guys. You sucked the cock, which means you'll be cocksuckers until the day you die. The tough act isn't fooling anybody, except maybe yourselves.