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Friday, November 19, 2004

Yahoo! News - Boxer Becomes Third Biggest Vote Getter

. . . a fiery California Democrat who proudly wears her liberalism on her sleeve . . . Boxer sailed to a third Senate term Nov. 2 with 6.4 million votes . . .

One would hope soon-to-be-former Senator Daschle and his fellow Dem fence-sitters read this and possibly get a clue.

We don't vote for you guys because we want "Republican-Lite" - we vote for you because we want LIBERALISM.

Can you hear us now?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Iraq is practice to get the troops ready for us.

Once the troops are used to fighting urban insurgents, they'll be prepared for any opposition to Bushco's agenda right here in the good ol' USA.
Yahoo! News - Clinton Library Officials Defensive on Impeachment: "LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Reuters) - A day before the Clinton presidential library opens, officials were on the defensive on Wednesday about an impeachment exhibit that some have described as tilted in favor of the former president. "

Attention, neo-cons! If you think this is "tilted," just wait until you see the history books.