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Monday, April 18, 2005

Interesting how all the best anti-Bush stuff comes from conservatives.

How Preznit Chimpy got rich

The potentially embarrassing details of how Bush turned a $606,000 investment in the Texas Rangers into a $15-million plus bankroll can be found in American Spectator's revealing cover story, "George Strikes It Rich."

According to reporter Byron York, "far more than tales of youthful drinking and carousing, the record of Bush's rise to wealth reveals how he became what he is today. It's a complicated tale of family connections, hard work and sweet deals, topped off by a taxpayer-subsidized baseball bonanza that may leave some Republicans feeling queasy about how their candidate got rich."

Essentially, as York explains, in the early 1990s Bush and his fellow Ranger owners did what has become standard operating procedure for America's pro sports teams: They got rich by extorting $135 million in taxpayer money from the people of Arlington, Texas, for a new ballpark.

Hints were dropped that the Rangers would leave if they didn't get a new field. Local pols touted the $100 million in economic benefits that a new stadium would allegedly bring. Voters were duped into approving a half-cent sales tax hike.

Bush and Co. wheeled and dealed and eventually weaseled out of their promises to pay their share. In the end, they not only ended up getting a $190 million ballpark for free, they got the state legislature to OK the condemnation and seizure of 200 acres of adjacent privately owned land that they then commercially developed themselves.

The story about Bush mocking the woman in Texas who was executed came from well known conservative buttwipe Tucker Carlson, if I recall correctly.


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