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Thursday, April 14, 2005

You know who this is really going to screw?

“Clearly there are some Democrats and many Republicans who place the interests of corporations above those of citizens,” said David Swanson, an activist with Progressive Democrats of America, who organized the anti-bankruptcy bill web site, DebtSlavery.org.

House passes bankruptcy bill

This is really going to screw my wife's best friend, who's a Republican.

Her husband works construction, so his income is seasonal. They have two kids, so they're ALWAYS hurting for money. My wife has already bailed her out once, back before Christmas, when she was going to borrow from one of those payday loan places.

It's damn lucky for her my wife isn't as hardhearted as I am - I'd have told her something along the lines of "You voted for this - now you get to live with it."


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