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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Despite owning 90% of everything worth having . . .

Conservatives persist in whining because they can't have it ALL.

Despite numbers, Democrats remain in charge
Chris Adamo

Conservative morale is regularly boosted as one poll after another conclusively shows that the country is leaning further and further to the right. National election results of recent years (in truth, the only polls that matter), irrefutably confirm this point as well.

But all is not as it seems in Happy Conservativeland.

Yet such key agenda items of the counterculture as same-sex "marriage," increasingly liberal education practices and philosophies, and the demolition of the country's standards of morality all suggest that the concerns and energies of the conservative grassroots do not necessarily translate into positive changes in policy. The social climate of the nation is being moved relentlessly to the left. How can this be?

Last time I checked, it was called "civilization" and seemed to be all the rage amongst non-conservative types.

Even before the 2004 elections, Democrats were scrambling to prove to mainstream America that they were indeed the party of patriotism and traditional values. In certain key races, some Democrats even attempted to create an impression of allegiance to the Bush administration. Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle went so far as to run campaign ads portraying himself in the company of the President.

The fiend. How dare he attempt to make it look like he was in the company of the President, just because he was exactly that on numerous occasions?

Though Daschle's ploy ultimately failed, and South Dakota's contested Senate seat went to Republican John Thune, the ploy remains a cornerstone of Democrat strategy. Hillary Clinton, presidential aspirant and wife of one of history's greatest political chameleons, is clearly embracing this tactic. Sadly, for Democrats to win by such a means requires "cooperation" from the Republicans, which is all to often the case.

Yes, Republican cooperation is the secret to the Democrats' success in controlling . . . well, not much of anything these days.

Worse yet, in the wake of the elections, Democrats have simultaneously engaged in another strategy. Having lost faith with the public for lack of an agenda, it stands to reason that they recognize the political advantages of preventing Republicans from advancing the conservative cause. All too often, Republicans take the bait and back away from principled stands on major issues.

That's undoubtedly the problem - that Republicans fail to simply throw caution to the wind and wear their whackjobbery on their sleeve, so to speak.

Sadly, though conservatives continue to dominate the electoral process, those whom they put in office lack the most necessary component to succeed. Liberal tactics are vile and despicable. They are also the essence, for better or worse (and in this case definitely worse) of leadership qualities that many on the right, and Republican political operatives in particular, totally lack.

No matter how many times I read the above paragraph, I cannot for the life of me figure out what this clueless fuck is babbling about. Republicans need to be MORE vile and despicable? Liberals are the essence of leadership?

In what must either be a political "death wish," or the epitome of abject cowardice and stupidity, Republicans are once again backing away from the difficult issues that would clearly delineate their conservative position. Thus they make it easier for Democrats to appear as "centrists."

It's not exactly difficult for the Dems to appear as "centrists" when the ideology of today's average GOP voter ranges from jingoism to fascism to out-and-out raving lunacy.

Worse yet, where Republicans abandon any fervent advocacy of worthwhile issues for fear of appearing extreme, Democrats quickly move in to assume the "moral high ground." No clearer example of this unfortunate phenomenon exists than the present debacle involving the President's judicial nominees.

Was that one trainwreck of a segue, or what?

With liberal judges regularly flouting the law and any constitutional precepts undergirding it, Republicans had a golden opportunity to contend for pro-Constitution nominees on the grounds that it is the job of such people to uphold that document. Thus, the prevention of such appointments by obstructionist Democrats is an undisguised effort to continue the desecration of the Constitution.

Yeah, if those obstructionist Democrats would just give in, we could get on with one-party rule followed by a return to aristocracy and the Divine Right of Kings, like the Founding Fathers intended.

Yet few if any Republicans are willing to contend for the President's nominees in such a manner, fitting though it may be. Hence, as debate heats up, it is the Democrats who are casting the whole controversy as a heroic effort on their part to "protect" the American people from the supposed ravages of "conservative extremists" on the bench.

You know, I just can't understand why anyone would feel queasy about conservative extremists as judges. Wouldn't YOU feel confident knowing your fate was in the hands of a whackjob like, say, Chris, or Peggy Noonan, or Rush Limbaugh?

The manufactured "controversy" surrounding House Majority Leader Tom Delay represents nothing more than the same battle on another front. Knowing how timid Republicans tend to be in the face of major political firestorms, the liberal media/Democrat cabal now attempts a character assassination of the Texas Republican, predicated on charges that are at best, selectively leveled and vastly overblown.

And at worst, good for 20-to-life at Huntsville.

Unfortunately, the liberal press did not have to look very far in order to find a Republican "moderate" who was willing to carry their water. Congressman Christopher Shays of Connecticut, in an effort to undermine Delay and thus move the Republican Party to the left (the undying hope of GOP liberals) unleashed a blistering attack on him, ultimately calling for his resignation.

Despite the best efforts of leaders like Tom DeLay, some Republicans STILL persist in not only having a conscience, but using it! We must purge our party of these traitors!

Irrespective of their numerical minority status in the Congress, Democrats are clearly defining the terms of the debate and ultimately, seizing the reins of leadership. But it is an effort at which they simply could not succeed, were it not for the disgraceful manner in which the invertebrate wing of the Republican Party has shied from the battle and thereby ceded leadership to them.

Yes, it's not at all fair that Democrats just seem to be natural leaders while Republicans couldn't lead a wino to the liquor store with a trail of quarters.

Yeesh. Where do they get these bozos, anyway?


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