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Monday, April 11, 2005

Why Democrats lose and will continue to do so.

Democrats would be wise to . . . give careful consideration to what thoughtful conservatives are saying about the role of the judiciary in our public life

A New Idea for Democrats: Democracy

We lose because we don't stand together. For all the myriad faults of the conservatives, that ain't one of 'em. They may not be rational or even sane, but they stick up for each other.

We don't. We're always ready to squabble with each other - a trait often exploited by our enemies, who then sit back and laugh at us while we savage each other.

Many Democrats - particularly those in power - actually appear to prefer the company of the other side to our company. Do you really think John Kerry cares more about you than he does his Republican colleagues? Don't be silly. Kerry, like most other Democratic leaders, would fuck you in an instant to help or protect GOP scumbags, and that's a fact, Jack. So would Joe Lieberman. Or Al Gore. Their membership in the club and how they're viewed by the opposition is more important to them than we are.

But you know what's REALLY sad? The devotion of these pitiful sycophants is repaid with scorn, derision, treachery, and malice. Ask Al Gore what sucking up to the Republicans got him. Or Tom Daschle. Or Max Cleland.

I'm not asking for lockstep unity, like the other side. I'm just asking that we stop shooting ourselves in the foot. Now is not the time to find fault with those on your side - there will plenty of time for that once the battle is won.

And as for Joe Klein - FUCK what "thoughtful" conservatives - or any other kind - think about it.


  • At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Democrats will continue to "lose" as long as the Republicans are counting the votes. It's time to demand open source code and paper receipts or even better, paper ballots.

  • At 12:43 AM, Anonymous gwbushmalecheerleader said…

    Like poster #1 said.

    We ARE winning.

    The votes ain't getting counted correctly, if at all.

    And THATS a FACT, Jack.

  • At 7:09 AM, Anonymous 2trux said…

    The democrats are still wondering why they lost. They can't (won't) accept the facts: A majority of the people decided that we didn't want any more of that kind of "leadership". We heard your message, your ideas, your candidates, and your sanctimonius insults about our limited ability to understand the 'sophisticated' nature of ANYTHING. It's not that we didn't GET the message. We got the message. The message SUCKS. That's your problem.


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