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Friday, November 04, 2005

Sony shoots themselves in the foot, repeatedly.

In the wake of Mark Russinovich's revelations about Sony's rootkit masquerading as DRM, I used their online contact form to send them the following:
That nasty little business with the CD copy protection software, a.k.a. rootkit, was a REALLY stupid move, guys. It's cost you any possibility of me ever again purchasing a Sony product, and I mean ANY Sony product. I suspect that in the end, this mess will wind up costing Sony more than piracy ever could both in lost revenues and damage to the reputation of your brand.

It's really too bad. I've liked your products ever since the days Sony made stereo systems for JC Penneys. I currently own a Sony DSC S70 digital camera, among other Sony products. Now I'm going to have to find a non-Sony replacement when I get ready to replace it.

What a pity. A fine company with superior products, brought down by greed. Truly a shame. I hope you learn something from this so it's not a total waste.


A FORMERLY happy customer

I used to recommend Sony products, but no more. And I meant what I said - no Sony movies, games, TV shows, nada. There's only one way to hurt a big company like Sony, and that's if enough people stop buying their products. I plan on doing my part - what about you?


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