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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Common ground? You should live so long, assholes.

Common Ground on Late-Term Abortion: Anguish

In a faceless building by the freeway, George Tiller performed thousands of abortions a year. Some of his patients were well advanced in pregnancy -- seven, eight, even nine months along. And so his clinic became a battleground.

. . .

Medical records subpoenaed by prosecutors in Kansas indicate Dr. Tiller approved some late-term abortions on the grounds that the women suffered from anxiety or depression. To opponents, those are shockingly flimsy excuses. But several attempts to prosecute Dr. Tiller for violating the law failed.

Among sane people, this phenomenon is known as being "acquitted" and indicates that you did not, in fact, violate the law.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I intend to honor Dr. Tiller's memory by rubbing the "pro-life" movement's nose in this incident at every opportunity for, oh, the rest of my life or until they get a clue, whichever comes first. "Pro-life" my motherfucking ass. Try "pro-sanity" for a change, bitches.


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