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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Little Green Fuckwads

lgf: Google News High Standards, Exhibit N for Nazi

. . . Google News has now added the unspeakably vile neo-Nazi white supremacist web site National Vanguard to their index of "legitimate news sources.”

And LGF has been turned down. Twice.

Well, I think you guys should try for three. Not because I think you'll make it this time, but just because I really enjoy the thought of the humiliation you'll feel when you're turned down yet again. Particularly after the Nazis made it.

Why did the Nazis make it while you didn't? Maybe it's because the Nazis are at least honest about who and what they are, and will tell you all about it up front while you guys regurgitate every piece of right-wing bullshit that comes down the pike, and have to be bludgeoned repeatedly with the truth before you'll even begin to turn loose of it.

(thanks to S.Z. for the pointer to this goodie)


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