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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The spirit of Heywood Jablome lives on

The Rude Pundit points to a New York Times blog making this claim:
Some prominent bloggers on a panel here at Netroots Nation said today that for a variety of reasons, they have scaled back their use of profanity. Others said they were swearing as much as they ever had.

Digby Parton, who writes on Hullabaloo.com . . .

(emphasis mine)

Uh, no - "Digby" is the pen name of the author of the blog Hullabaloo, located at digbysblog.blogspot.com, not Hullabaloo.com. (Hullabaloo.com appears to be someone's vanity domain)

Nice to see the New York Whore Times is maintaining its reputation for accuracy. If I remember right, Kit Seelye, the author of this piece, was one of their anti-Clinton hotshots back during the old days when impeachment definitely was NOT off the table.

I have to wonder who fed her this bit of bogus news. They didn't see fit to publish my comment pointing out her error.


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