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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Karma catches up with Tony Snow

Gotta give the man credit where it's due: when it came to putting lipstick on a pig, there was no one better. If you needed a patina of respectability applied to a steaming pile of complete horseshit, Tony was your go-to guy. He was a liar's liar, who could sell the rubes a bill of goods without even breaking a sweat.

Sure, Fleischer and McClellan could both lie their asses off, but they sweated and twitched while they did it. They knew they were lying and so did most of their audience. But Tony was special. He could spew the ol' bullshit so expertly he'd even have members of the reality-based community questioning themselves.

More than once, I'd hear or read Tony claiming something unlikely and think, "Gee, that's not how I remember it, but Tony seems so certain. Maybe I'm mistaken." Then later on I'd look it up and find out Tony WAS full of shit after all. You really had to admire the guy - he made used car salesmen look like George Washington and the cherry tree or Honest Abe. Salespeople, lawyers, politicians, cops - when it came to lying, they were all amateurs compared to him.

The current White House Spokesliar can't hold a candle to Tony, possibly the greatest liar and con-artist since P.T. Barnum. I suspect we'll not see his like again. Whether or not that's a Martha Stewart-style "GOOD thing" is left as an exercise for the reader.


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