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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Statement from a Registerfly customer

I think one of the most poignant cries in the wake of the Registerfly implosion outlined below, was the following from a single mom with two kids, posted in response to an official statement from Registerfly:
This is crap....you must excuse me but I have lost everything. I am a single mom of two. My husband left me with nothing five years ago, instead of giving up which I felt like doing I started my own company and have been sucessful for five years, supported my children FOR Five YEARS ON MY OWN. Registerfly has single handedly destroyed my business. Today I lost my last large client. They all walked due to what they say Is MY fault. I can not renew, transfer or host thier domains. These are million dollar companies that are well known and now the names have expired. I am now being sued by them. Well goodbye house, goodbye car, goodbye life! Thank RegisterFly. You say that the customers are now working for us but as of today the only answer I get is "Our systems are down" then they laugh at me when I break down and cry. I no longer care. SO I hope they continue to enjoy thier mansions and cars and HOOKERS! Because all they did was find a fall guy, it is all crap. People are loosing thier business and thier words mean NOTHING.....more BS more BS more BS.

No kidding.


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