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Friday, September 23, 2005

Maybe there is a God after all.

The Mayor of Houston, who conservatives are carefully avoiding criticizing the way they did (black) New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, is named Bill White. And he really is, too. White as a mashed potato and mayonnaise sandwich on Wonder Bread, as the saying goes. Even better, White is also a Democrat.

If that's not God handing us a nice stout club to whack the conservatives with, I don't know what is.


  • At 9:49 PM, Blogger Anntichrist S. Coulter said…

    That's not a "god" --- that's just Karl Rove not paying attention because JimmyJeff GuckertGannon slut-sucks his balls JUST the right way, and this time, Karl missed a BIG 'UN.

    p.s. I loathe the word verification at every friggin' post. Love your blog, hate the puzzles.

  • At 5:09 AM, Blogger Realist said…

    The word verification became necessary when I started getting automated spam in the comments. I don't like it much either, but I like it better than a comments section filled with ads for Viagra and second mortgages.

    The spam is done by bots - it's an automated process, where the spammer simply programs in what he wants posted and the bot does the rest. The verification defeats the bot, since the bot can't "read" the page and enter the word necessary to post a comment.


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