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Saturday, July 23, 2005

If we could just harness all the energy wasted hating the Clintons

Sadly, No! is running a Wingnuttery Hall of Fame competition that had me dredging up this moldie oldie: the Wall Street Journal's Kim Strassel champions the cause of cockfighting in order to take a cheapshot at Hillary.
This should be a cause for concern, because whether or not you approve of cockfighting, Ms. Clinton's bill is an affront to greater principles. To begin with, it tramples all over states' rights. Worse, it threatens to eliminate a legal, legitimate, multimillion-dollar industry that conducts a thriving trade across the world.

Half Cocked - August 9, 2001

As is often the case with such overblown rhetoric, this proved too much for even some of the Journal's conservative readers, including Roy Fassell of Los Angeles who responded:
I dislike Hillary Clinton and have no use for her. However, to defend the abuse of animals to demean Hillary Clinton is quite revolting.

If "drawing blood" in animals is the mark of a good citizen, then I pass.

I'm old enough to remember the Wall Street Journal as a respected source of news and information. It's really sad they pissed away more than a century of credibility to be Rush Limbaugh's whores.


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