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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Meanwhile, back at Cluelessness Central . . .

While American Street's eRobin tries to drum up interest in feeding hungry people, Kansas Citians take their dogs out to eat at fancy restaurants.
At last month's McCormick & Schmick's event, a parade of pooches ranging from Chihuahuas to grand mastiffs dined with their masters on the patio overlooking 47th Street.

These pups ate well. Their choices included “yappetizers” with spinach-yogurt dipping sauce, seashell candies made from carob and vanilla and “oysters and pearls”: a carob clam cookie and a dog-safe truffle, called a “ruffle.”

Putting on the dog
Every dog has its day
Dogs' night out
Star Magazine 06/05/05

I'll freely admit to spoiling my cats with the occasional table scrap, but taking a dog to a fancy restaurant? Particularly while people are going hungry? Please.

The Sunday magazine version had a bunch of color pictures of pampered pooches chowing down with their oblivious owners that were enough to make you puke.

It's fortunate indeed for these people that Jesus isn't real. Would you want to be the one who has to explain something like this to him on Judgment Day?


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