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Monday, June 13, 2005

Are you fluent in technospeak? [ABFTP]

TEST your ability to translate technospeak by deciphering the

  1. Avian species of identical plumage congregate.
  2. Freedom from incrustations of noxious substances is contiguous with conformity to divine prescription.
  3. Pulchritude possesses solely cutaneous profundity.
  4. A superannuated canine is immune to indoctrination in innovative maneuvers.
  5. Ululate not over precipitated lactal secretion.
  6. All that coruscates with resplendence will not assay auriferous.
  7. The existence of visible vapors from ignited carbonaceous materials confirms conflagration.
  8. Mendicants are interdicted from elective recipiency.
  9. Probity gratifies reflexively.
  10. Male cadavers are unyielding of testimony.
  11. Inhabitants of vitreous edifices ill-advisedly catapult petrous projectiles.
  12. Ergonomia exclusive of diversion renders Jack a hebetudinous progeny.
  13. He who cachinnates ultimately, cachinnates optimally.
  14. Abstention from speculatory undertaking precludes attainment.
  15. Missiles of ligneous and of nonmetallic mineral consistency have the potential to fracture my osseous structure, but malicious appellations are eternally innocuous.

Answers tomorrow.


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