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Thursday, May 19, 2005

"I don't have one!"

One of the most irritating factors in providing computer support is the amazing number of people who become blind as soon as the support tech answers their call.

"Okay, click the Start Button."


"Click the Start Button."

"Uh . . . where?"

"In the lower left of your screen - the Start Button."

"Uh . . . I don't have one."

Well, the problem is obvious. You're using a fucking Macintosh. We don't support Macintoshes - call me back when you get a PC.

I don't expect them to be experts, or even to know much of anything. (it's usually easier dealing with someone who doesn't know anything than someone who knows just enough to be dangerous) What I DO expect is for them to be able to see what's right fucking in front of them, particularly when I CAN'T see it and am dependent on them to be my "eyes" in diagnosing the issue.


  • At 5:33 AM, Anonymous blue girl said…

    Hee-hee. I'm one of those who suddenly goes blind when the computer tech help gets on the line! (I know EXACTLY what you mean!) Sorry. It's just because, when it comes to computers, I am completely in the dark! And somewhat intimidated when the expert is talking to me. And, oh yeah. I'm also on a MAC! I believe I AM your worst nightmare!

    I hold tech experts in high esteem! Sorry we're such a pain.


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